Laboratory refurbishments designed and manufactured by experts

Laboratory Refurbishments Designed and Manufactured by Experts

With over 50 years of experience in the laboratory furniture sector Kinetic Laboratories understand the importance of matching high-quality materials with ergonomic design. That's why, if it's time for your facility to have laboratory refurbishments designed and manufactured by experts, choose Kinetic Laboratories.

Kinetic Laboratory furniture offers an ideal solution to all your research and industrial furniture needs. We have been selected as manufacturer of many state-of-the-art refurbishments over the years, including Hymers College Laboratories Refurbishment, Wilberforce Health Centre Refurbishment, a fantastic £30 Million Science Park Refurbishment Project at Loughborough University and many more. The projects were a success and our clients were extremely pleased with the upgraded furniture.

Specialising in the manufacture of laboratory furniture and educational furniture, our experts supply a product collection consisting of Laboratory Furniture, Fume Cupboards, Educational Furniture, Washroom Systems and more.

We consistently deliver laboratory refurbishments designed and manufactured by experts, and our furniture can be adapted to suit the needs of all research and industrial facilities. The high-quality laboratory furniture is contemporary, hard wearing and always meets the expectations of our clients.

To get a quote for laboratory refurbishments designed and manufactured by experts at Kinetic Laboratories, call today on +44 (1482) 829292 or fill out our contact form here.

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