Ideal laboratory furniture solutions

Ideal Laboratory Furniture Solutions

Kinetic Laboratories has an extensive product collection which offers clients an array of bespoke features and allows them to find their ideal laboratory furniture solutions. With over 20 years of experience as an expert manufacturer of lab furniture, Kinetic can cater to a range of client needs. Ready to get started?

Our comprehensive range of laboratory furniture includes laboratory furniture, fume cupboards, educational furniture, washroom systems, shelving and more, but most importantly all furniture pieces can be adapted to suit the needs of any research, educational, medical and industrial facilities. There’s no way you won’t find your ideal laboratory furniture solutions with us.

Many of our ideal laboratory furniture solutions are designed and manufactured to compliment all existing laboratory furniture an establishment may have already, as our products are available in a variety of materials and colours.

Our full laboratory furniture design and project management service is built for clients throughout the UK and Ireland, so look no further to find your ideal laboratory furniture solutions than with Kinetic. We understand the importance of matching high-quality materials with the ergonomic design you need in your facility.

Get in touch to start finding your ideal laboratory furniture solutions locally or nationwide today.

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